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Marhaba (greetings)! Thank you for contacting Manazil Real Estate, the company that cares. At Manazil, which means "homes" in Arabic, finding you a home or office is more than just a business. For us, it is more of a wonderful pleasant that we enjoy.

Established 2000, launching a new line in quality, integrity and service, Manazil is first to set standards for gracious living “

As we mainly serve cooperates, companies, banks, ministries, federations, institutes and general governmental contracts; however, we always find our joy in serving people, families and individuals. We have properties start at a rent of Qr. 12,000 for villas and Qr. 6,000 for apartments. All based on availability.

Please, send us an email about your requirement or fill up our tenant service form TSF or call +(974) 66501333 or +(974) 55802660 from 09:00 am until 05:00 pm Sunday to Thursday and we will be happy to save all the attention and care to serve you.
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